Collective Activities for Rejuvenation of Village Arts and Environment (CARVE)

Collective Activities for rejuvenation of Village Arts and Environment (CARVE) is a Non-Governmental organization registered under Societies of registration Act of 1350 fasli in the year 1994 by a group of resource persons who are likeminded with the aim, to rejuvenate rural art, craft, culture and environment .The organization devoted to the cause of moral social and economic upliftment of rural artisans and farmers. It is also registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). The organization is having income tax exemption under section 12A.

During the year 2003-2004, the CARVE organization has meticulously planned a strategy to bring about positive change in the attitude of target group people i.e. artisans and farmers, since the organization has deeply felt the need to bring about preparedness on the part of farmers and the organisation has conducted village camps for the farmers for the proper usage of ground water in and around their villages. The organisation also educated the farmer’s community as to give importance to the ground water in their daily use and compared the water as deposit in the bank. The organisation is established to reconstruct the village and rejuvenate the natural resources and environment. In olden days villagers used to manage their old traditions and natural resources in perfect manner. Now a days there is a huge gap in the system, to fill this gap the CARVE has initiated programmes in the target villages by which the villagers are benefited. The CARVE has conducted sufficient awareness/training programmes with present technology to villagers i.e. mainly farmers and artisans wherever necessary. As water conservation is most important for the farmers of the villages and water is allocated to high value in our lives. Rural motivational camps were conducted mostly for pottery artisans. CARVE also embarked on the empowerment of women for the progress of rural environment. In order to achieve the desired aim, self help groups among women folk have been formed to create in their minds a sense of thrift for safer tomorrow. The organisation has also conducted health camps to safeguard the health conditions of the rural people.

CARVE Organisation established a training cum production centre at Kummariguda village, Shabad mandal, R.R Dist with the support of CAPART, New Delhi, and we gave training to rural artisans under this programme i.e. 30 traditional potters in two batches were identified and trained. Each batch consists 15 persons. Potters from Ranga Reddy District, A.P.

The farmer’s community, artisans and others have neglected natural resources, which is part and parcel of their daily life. The organization with a keen interest for protecting the natural resources and proper utilization of the same by the farmers and other people of the villages. To educate the people on better usage of natural resource and manage in a proper manner, CARVE organization have conducted natural resource management camps in Chevella, Shabad, Hytabad of Ranga Reddy dist and Chinnarameshwaram of Mahboobnagar Dist and Shadnagar mandal villages and the resource person was Mr.Shambasiva Rao who is well known in the field of environment and management, we have also selected 8 villages and conducted camps for the members of Vanasamrakhshana samithi, and tank sanghas.

As water conservation is most important for farmers and other community people of the villages the water is allocated to high value CARVE has conducted awareness programmers for the villagers on proper utilization of the ground water in target villages. During 2003 the CARVE organization collaborated with APFaMGS project implemented through M/s. BIRDS Organization Nandyal. This Organization is inclined towards this activity as it is addressing the today’s most crucial and critical need of the farming community i.e. ground water. It is felt that the APFaMGS project objective is also a collective activity for rejuvenation of village environment through sustainable ground water management, which is in line with the CARVE’s vision. Keeping this in mind, our organization became one of the PNGO under BIRDS and was allotted 71 habitations which fall under the lower most part of the upper Gundlakamma River basin and we are working in the same region.

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