Farmers Climate School (FCS)

Farmers Climate School (FCS) is a year-long school coinciding with the hydrological year and continues through different cropping seasons. FCS sessions start in June and continue till May. FCS involves sustained approach of engaging the community to build their adaptive capacity to climate change/variability. FCS starts with a basic premise that farmer participants are a rich resource in the learning process and that they bring along a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills. The aim is to facilitate a synthesis of indigenous knowledge with existing scientific knowledge. The Farmer Climate Schools are based on the positive experience of the Andhra Pradesh Farmer Managed Groundwater Systems (APFAMGS) Project in the implementation of Farmer Water Schools (FWS).

The first curriculum development workshop was organized from for 8th to 11th May 2012 to develop FCS curriculum and session guides. External Resource Persons, Subject Experts, Project Officers, Field Officer, Professionals – Land and Water Management (LWM), and Climate Change Adaptation Committee (CCAC) members participated in this workshop to deliberate on the FCS curriculum. FCS curriculum, draft session programs, and draft FCS session guides for sessions 1 to 6 are developed.

  Here below is draft FCS Curriculum of first six FCS sessions:

Another curriculum development workshop is scheduled in August 2012 to finalize curriculum of the remaining FCS sessions.

Two FCS Training of Trainers workshops were organized for the Community Resource Persons (CRPs) and Field Unit staff (Professionals – LWM and NFE, and Field Facilitators) of the Farmer Climate Schools. The objective of the trainings was to cover all technical aspects related to FCS and facilitation skills (nonformal education methods). Covering all this ensures that the CRPs have adequate technical knowledge, are aware of the participatory methods used in FCS, and are confident of facilitating FCS sessions 1 to 6. Additionally, facilitating the FCS content in the same manner that it needs to be facilitated with the farmer participants will ensure consistency in methodology and quality control in FCS implementation. The first FCS Training of Trainers workshop was conducted from 5th to 8th June 2012 and the second one from 19th to 22nd June 2012. In all 18 CRPs and 44 Field Unit staff (Professionals – LWM and NFE, and Field Facilitators) were trained in these two ToTs.

Implementation 9 FCS by the Field Units has started.

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