Gram Vikas Samstha (GVS)

Gram Vikas Samstha is a Non-Governmental Development Organization, registered as a society in 1980.

GVS is involved in the comprehensive development of a geographical community of 1,00,000 + in the Chowdepalli ,Panjani, Punganur, Peddamandyam, Tamballapalle, Madanapalli and Ramasamudram mandals of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. The concern for development is based on socio –economic deprivation in the society. The approach is a balanced combination of Human & Natural resource development. The objective is to improve the strength of the disadvantaged sections and enhance their capacity to achieve equal opportunities of life in the total village community.

To enable human and material resource development of children, women and others from socially and economically deprived sections of the village communities towards an improvement in their quality of life.

To contribute the Human Resource Development through literacy, education, awareness intensification, consciousness about health and leadership development for participation and self-governing.

To develop the material resources through the establishment of a baseline economy through accessibility and availability to credit, optimal utilization of natural resources, management of productivity and control over economic self reliance.

The vision of development is an equitable, gender sensitive, Eco friendly and human society, which is non-exploitative in nature, based on the principle of peaceful coexistence and critical collaboration for consistent and sustainable development.


The Developmental interventions of GVS are in following category of activities.

EDUCATION: Inputs in education are in areas of literacy, formal education, awareness intensification for organization and leadership for self-reliance.  The inputs are specific and different for children, women and youth in the communities.

HEALTH: Health includes preventive, curative & referral components of health.  Focus on health as an investment for productivity, GVS collaborates with the Government health services for coverage of health aspects such as immunization, family planning, pre and post natal care and referral services.

MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES: Management of Natural Resources include infrastructural development for land and land related productivity conservation of soil, water & other natural resources for cost effectiveness, improved productivity and sustainable land use through Watershed  Development.
WOMEN EMPOWERMENT:  Women Empowerment includes Thrift and Credit, vocational training & skills development, planning & implementation and monitoring of income / employment generation activities, marketing assistance and infrastructural linkages.

The developmental activities and inputs are implemented through women organization at the village, and federation levels.  A combination of awareness, education and developmental activities enables the people to participate in developmental activities and take up issues which affect their lives.

A significant involvement of the peoples organization is in the anti arrack campaign of the state and atrocities against women and Campaign for total literacy.  The women groups are encouraged to form in to Sanghamithra Mahila Mutually aided Co operative Society Ltd., to take up savings and  credit  & Income generation activities, social issues, concerning women as  part of women empowerment, which has a membership of    650 members.



In all its endeavors GVS has always ensured that efforts are made to make the programs self sustaining by facilitating peoples involvement in planning, implementation and monitoring and reducing the dependency on outside agencies by mobilizing local resources and management of the same by themselves.

Field Unit - Madanapalli

16-619-A2, Seshappa Thota
Madanapalle – 517325
Chittoor District, A.P
Phone(O): 08571-230183

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