People’s Activity and Rural Technology Nurturing Ecological Rejuvenation (PARTNER)

PARTNER Society (Peoples Activity and Rural Technology Nurturing Ecological Rejuvenation) is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of the rural poor, working for the benefit of downtrodden sections i.e.dalits, tribals and marginal farmers and other backwards sections, largely the under privileged sections of the society in resource poor areas. A group of well talented young people who had been serving in the voluntary sector for a number of years and had a number of successful credits in favor of them and with the felt need of professionals in the NGO sector came together and gradually evolved PARTNER with a mission to support the rural populations in resource poor regions Andhra and Rayalaseema areas of Andhra Pradesh.

Started in the year 1996,Registerd under Fasli act 1350 with it registration number4141,and Foreign Contribution (Regulation)Act NO-010160351.PARTNER approaches the rural problems with a multi-disciplinary angle and in a holistic manner giving due regards to the knowledge base of the rural populations. PARTNER strongly believes that the human resources in the rural areas are the most precious and the local communities have the best of the knowledge and traditional practices in vogue to address their problems on their own.  PARTNER is committed to its vision and objectives to facilitate the development of rural poor with their full participation and support.

The vision, which PARTNER was started, is perceived as a catalyst and a support organization to the communities for their own development, while endeavoring to achieve its mandate PARTNER completely subscribes to deliver very qualitative and sustainable outputs. PARTNER, implemented various development programmes in its operational area like, Formation of SHGs, participation in Janmabhoomi programme,Health prrogrammes,capacity building programmes for Riyotmithra,Water user associations, and other farmer groups. In an attempt to help poor women in AP and to support women’s empowerment recognizing the important of adequate credit support, PARTNER extended its activity through thrift and credit programme and gave financial support to more than 100 SHGs in Kadapa, PATNER is also working with the help of ANGRA Univesity Bapatla in problematic soils& salinity in water issues in Modukur, chebrolu, pilot areas. With the support of FAO,Andhra pradesh farmer Managed Ground Water System Project is being implemented in 70 Villages of Sagileru river basin, which is a Sub-Basin of river Pennar.

Field Unit - Porumalilla

5/310A, Opp: MRO Office,
Girinagar,Badvel road,
Porumamilla, Y.S.R.District, A.P
Phone (O) 08569-285048

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