Participatory Data Management (PDM)

The Project is facilitating the formation of CBOs, called as Climate Change Adaptation Committees (CCACs). CCACs serve as a platform for populations vulnerable to drought and water scarcity because of climate change/variability. They are key farmers’ institutions that manage the climate monitoring system at the habitation and hydrological unit level and disseminate information and knowledge on climate variability/change.

A network of farmer volunteers collect data at the habitation level on a set of climate factors that impact agricultural operations. The data is recorded in Climate Monitoring Records. The data recorded in the Climate Monitoring Records is displayed on data boards in the village center to generate awareness. This serves as a platform for farmers in the habitation to discuss implications for agriculture productivity. The significance of data collected is discussed in the habitation-level CCAC meetings.

Further, this data is consolidated at the Hydrological Unit level by the HU level CCACs. CCACs invite all farmers within the HU to participate in Community Climate Adaptation Plan (CCAP) workshop. The workshop serves as a platform for information sharing pertaining to various climate factors affecting crop productivity. Also, it serves as a platform to discuss climate adaptation plans and make informed decisions.

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