Sustainable Land and Water Management (SLWM) Pilots

Sustainable Land and Water Management refers to packages of measures: soil conservation, water harvesting, agro forestry, organic agriculture, integrated pest management, etc. Pilots on Sustainable Land and Water Management methods/technologies are one of the key strategies of the SPACC Project to build the adaptive capacity of farmers to collectively address consequences of drought and water scarcity, because of climate change/variability. SLWM pilots will assess the performance of alternative technologies and practices identified by local farmers, scientists and officers from technical departments. The objective is to support farmers in acquiring skills in managing current climate variability and testing adaptation technologies in farming systems in drought and water scarce areas.

The design and implementation of SLWM Pilots will involve:

Climate Change Adaptation Committees (CCACs) will play a key role in identification of adaptation options, formation of Common Interest Groups, finalization of technologies being tested, and dissemination of results.

Pilots have a bearing on agricultural operations and therefore will start with Kharif season and continue into the Rabi season. Female and male farmers from 9 CBOs spread across seven drought prone districts of AP will participate in the implementation of SLWM Pilots.

Community resource persons from the same habitations will be given a special training on data gathering and they will collect data from pilots on regular basis every fortnightly. These data will be verified by field facilitators and professional staff from the project on periodical basis. The compiled data will shared to the Project partners’ office. These data will be shared to the Project Monitoring Office for further analysis and synthesize with proper conclusions.  Dissemination of results through field workshops will be organized at each pilot hydrological unit.

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